Golf in August are as prominent as beer bongs at the Phoenix Open. Understandably so: teams have played 120 games, with 40 more on the schedule. To clubs already out of the playoff race, that's an eternity. Add in the rising temperatures and tempers get heated.

Aside from up-and-in fastballs, the most common spur for benches clearing is the breaching of an unwritten rule. The latest example: Houston's Carlos Gomez allegedly showing up the New York Yankees. How? By mumbling under his breath. That's baseball. (By the way, let the record show that baseball produces the biggest wimps when it comes to fights. Anytime something brews, the two angry parties in question will slowly point and yell at each other, and when teammates get between, THEN they do the "Hold me back, hole me back!" routine. What a joke. They're the anti-hockey players. And this is coming from a baseball fan! Sorry, rant over.)

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